Welcome to the Frosch Initiative

The Frosch Initiative shows that putting plastic into a closed loop is sensible, feasible and indispensable. As for the ingredients of cleaning products, they should be powerful, as environmentally friendly as possible, and based on European vegetable oils.

Initiative Frosch: Together for the circular economy

Imagine if …

  • we thought of used plastic as material instead of trash.
  • plastic manufacturers and recyclers improved their processes in such a way that this material always circulated from the factory to the customer and then back again.
  • manufacturers, dealers, politicians and consumers all worked together on the solution that was most effective.
We know what would happen then:
We could free the oceans of plastic trash. And in a way that would keep them clean permanently.

What is the goal of the Frosch Initiative?

The Frosch Initiative shows that putting plastic into a closed loop is sensible, feasible and indispensable.

Our Vision: We use plastic again and again instead of burning it, shipping it, throwing it in the ocean or hoarding it on gigantic landfills somewhere in the world.

Someone who fishes plastic out of the ocean often has his heart in the right place. No doubt about it. But does that help? To keep plastic waste out of the eco system over the long term, we have to fight the causes, not the symptoms.

We believe that attention – just like plastic – is a valuable material. When you draw attention to the right subjects, you bring about action and change.

That’s why we report on projects, products, technologies, and companies involved in the circular economy for plastic. And on how consumers can make their own contributions through responsible consumption.

Like any material, attention can be wasted. For example, on campaigns in which the environmental benefit is faked for a positive PR effect or for horrifying news that brings about paralyzing anxiety instead of constructive solutions. When we encounter such campaigns and news reports, we clarify the economic and technical background.

In 2012 the Frosch Initiative was brought to life by the cleaning products manufacturer Werner & Mertz of Mainz.

The Initiative kicked off „We for recyclates“, an Open Innovation program for sustainable recycling in a circular economy. In Open Innovation participating companies and organizations share their knowledge with the goal of achieving maximum environmental benefit.

The subject of surfactants is another focus of the Initiative. For its powerful formulas, the company uses carefully selected surfactants which more and more are based on European vegetable oils.

The circular economy has a future

A closed material loop is a sustainable solution for the worldwide problem with plastic. Together, Werner & Mertz and its partners in the Recyclate Initiative show how it’s done. Innovative sorting technology processes the contents of the Yellow Bag in a way that yields a high-quality raw material – post-consumer recyclates – for new packaging.

When Werner & Mertz founded the Recyclate Initiative with several partners in 2012, the participants shared a clear vision. The Yellow Bag should serve as a new material source for the manufacture of packaging. After all, a system that wants to call itself „genuine recycling“ has to deal with the 5.2 million tons of plastic waste that accrue every year in German households.